Environmental Policy

Vaughan Plumbing Services is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities in environmental affairs in all areas of the business and operating activities.

Corporate strategies, policies and guidelines all support this commitment. In addition to this Company Directors and every employee bear a personal responsibility to meet the following objectives:

  • Conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling materials and using recyclable packaging and other materials where possible.
  • Use processes that do not adversely affect the environment; minimize waste, prevent air, water and other pollution; minimize health and safety risks; and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.
  • Rely on internal operations that conserve energy, use energy efficiently and give preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources when feasible.
  • Participate in efforts to improve environmental protection wherever possible.
  • Meet or exceed applicable government requirements and voluntary requirements to which Vaughan Plumbing Services subscribes.
  • Strive to continually improve Barnwell Cambridge environmental management system and performance.
  • Conduct self-assessments of Vaughan Plumbing Services compliance with this policy, and report on our website on a yearly basis.
  • Be an environmentally responsible neighbour in the communities where we operate.
  • Act promptly and responsibly to correct conditions that may endanger health, safety and the environment.
  • Promptly report conditions that may threaten health, safety or the environment to authorities and affected parties, as appropriate.
  • Provide appropriate resources to fulfil these objectives.